And we would be interested in moving to your town. I have worked as maintenance in the Gelves town hall, my daughter has a geriatric degree, my son is a gardener and lifeguard. Yanira is 8 years old and in the third year.

Sorry, the name of the town was misspelled and I know that it is a town in Malaga, I would be delighted to live there, thank you very much

We are a young family of two adults, and three children of 6,8 and 10 years old, my Mario has experience in different jobs, I am a housewife but with availability to work whatever it is,

I would love to be part of that municipality and to be able to live calmly knowing that I have work to take my three children forward by myself, my children are 16-12 and 4 years old

I would love to be part of that town, I really miss it, I am delighted to answer you. It is the perfect place to start the journey to this very beautiful town.

I am Colombian and a single mother of a 9-year-old girl I would like to change from where I live I have always liked the towns

We are a family with 3 little ones of school age. The truth would be a very positive change and we need such an opportunity. Hopefully, life in contact with nature is our purpose, our illusion and the big city, because that makes us bigger and bigger.

Hello, I have dual Venezuelan / Spanish nationality, I have two (2) children (30 and 28 years old), each of my children have two (2) children of 10, 6, 3 and 1 years respectively, they are professionals, but they would not mind to work from whatever they and their wives were, just in order to get out of this country debacle, (Venezuela) regretting much to say it, they only want to give security, stability, peace, love to their children and instill in them the teachings they learned from their Spanish ancestors. Waiting for a satisfactory prompt reply, I remain from you.

Our children are 11 years old the girl and two boys one with 8 and another 4.

I have experience in cooking with referrals. Also in the Transport sector I handle myself quite well.

I have 6 children in ages as explained to go live there this is my email (hidden)

Hello, we are a 27 and 26-year-old couple with two children, one 9, the other 8 years old, my partner was discharged due to a medical problem and they do not want to pay him ex an this month from the house and we have no income. I leave you my number of contact 622390246 urges me muxo

Hello, I am Venezuelan with 43 years of age and a single mother, 2 children, an 18-year-old male and a 16-year-old female.

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